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Let the good times roll...


Meet Embarc.

We’re a Northern California retailer focused on demonstrating through action that cannabis can operate mindfully and sensitively in communities. Through our local partnership model, each Embarc store is locally owned, ensuring our leadership is responsive to the unique needs and priorities of the community.

Whether you’re an experienced consumer or curious to try cannabis for the first time (or first time in a long time), Embarc is your friendly neighborhood shop, designed with approachability and the ability to ask questions in mind. Stop by, say hi, and embarc on your journey with cannabis.

We keep it local.

We focus significant volunteerism and financial support to organizations within the communities we call home. This ensures the communities supporting Embarc are benefitting most. Embarc donates 1% of all sales in perpetuity to a local Community Investment Fund. This fund is directed by our Community Advisory Board – a group of local residents and community leaders that ensure we’re focused on meeting the community’s needs.

Operating our business is a privilege, not a right.

For far too long, inequitable enforcement of drug policies has marginalized and disenfranchised low-income communities and people of color. We recognize that it is a privilege to operate a business in this industry and pride ourselves in continuously seeking ways to recognize and address the impacts the failed War on Drugs has had on communities. We are committed to ongoing partnerships with community organizations and leaders that seek to bridge a failed past with a better and more equitable future.