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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to appreciate all the amazing mamas in our life (friends, aunts, grandma’s, sisters, mentors, you name it!)
Canna moms are breaking stigmas and consuming more loud and proud than ever – and just because they’re not as popular as #winemoms on TikTok doesn’t mean their community isn’t growing.
In fact, research shows that women make up 59% of new cannabis consumers. So let’s give our favorite pot moms the flower(s) they truly want…Keep reading this stoner gift guide for all the stoner mom essentials to give.

The Best Stoner Mom Gifts for Mother’s Day

my bud vase collection

1. My Bud Vase

Every canna mom knows the struggle of concealing their consumption. So, what if your bong could serve as a beautiful decor piece as your own hidden ganja gem? M y Bud Vase serves on fashion and function with its stunning designs that are dual-purpose for rips that are just as smooth and chic.

 When the smoke breaks aren’t in sesh, she might even want to show off her Mother’s Day flowers in her new bud vase.

 My Bud Vase has a wide variety of collections to fit every mom’s style. Shop the signature Jewel collection if her style screams chic, yet sleek. Maximalist marijuana moms will love the simplistic yet stylist Aurora and Rosette collections. They’ve even got some stoner mom-worthy jewelry, home decor, and other canna accessories for moms who already have an impressive bong collection.

master - picture of celebrity teachers

2. Mother’s Day Masterclass

It’s no secret that moms are superheroes. This Mother’s Day, give her some “me” time to learn, relax, and grow with a subscription to Masterclass. She’ll be able to learn from experts on all things lifestyle, business, wellness, food, and so much more! High moms can expand their knowledge with just a click, all while rolling a J, doing the dishes, or hiding in the bathroom for a mommy break.

We recommend Yoga Foundations with Donna Farhi for a relaxing Mother’s Day stretching sesh. Help mom become a new yogi as she learns how to unwind with the basics of breath and building a foundation.

If she’s already building on existing practice, Farhi can help deepen yoga skills with lessons on sun salutations, mind restoration, and more. Don’t forget that Masterclass is offering a special discount on select plans for all your mindful marijuana mamas this Mother’s Day.

several frames on a wall over a dining table

3. Framebridge Frame or Gift Card

Perhaps you’re a canna mom, but not every lovely lady in your life wants to join the smoke sesh (sure you don’t want a hit, grandma?). We’ve got a heartfelt gift that’ll make any mama’s day extra special, because what mom doesn’t want to show off pics of her precious fam? Browse through the Facebook archives and memory boxes, find your faves, and head to Framebridge. They can frame just about anything, from photos and documents to sentimental trinkets.

Framebridge goes the extra mile to make gifts uber personal. Their most popular frame comes with a secret story pocket in the back; remind mom how much you love her! If the photo alone will have her reaching for tissues, add a personal touch with a patterned background instead. Moms who are about their home aesthetic or photo angles would love a gift card instead.

Milk Bar Cookies

4. Milk Bar Cookies

A yummy post-smoke sesh treat is a stoner mom essential. Give her a break from cooking and sharing snacks with the littles, with some Milk Bar cookies. Before she gets these sweets, make sure one thing is clear: they are to be hidden somewhere safe for mom only, NOT shared.

 Milk Bar’s treat tins are the sweetest Mother’s Day surprise. Mom will love sampling the tin’s variety of Confetti, Blueberry & Cream, Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, Compost cookies, and more. Those with an extra case of the munchies can indulge in the brand’s cakes, truffles, and ice cream, too.

levo infuser

5. Levo Cannabis Infuser

What if your leading lady takes canna mom to a whole other level? If her weed stash is always full, and she’s already got the prettiest pieces in town, help make getting high at home even easier with LEVO. Their cannabis device elevates herbal infusion for butters, oils, honeys, and more by fully automating the drying, activating, and infusing process.

 This gift is perfect for any mom who loves gummies or “special” brownies, but doesn’t have time for daily dispensary trips. Not to mention, infusing at home can help save on her monthly bud budget, to spend that extra on something else (for her, and only her of course!).

 Let mom’s mind rest knowing this tool won’t add to the nightly chore routine; the infuser is mess-free and easy to clean! Levo even has all the tools, mixes, and supplies mom needs to bake and get baked, this Mother’s Day.

A weed is a Flower Book

6. “A Weed is a Flower” Book

When the pot mom in your life also wears the hat of an interior design enthusiast, there’s no better gift than a gorgeous coffee table book. Sure, she might not be able to spark a blunt anytime anywhere (shoutout to moms with grownup kids who can), but weed art is always appreciated. “A Weed is a Flower” shows off the wonderful world of weed in a colorful, 168-page book. She’ll love ending Mother’s Day with a beautiful book browse and some hits from the bong.

Wyld gummies

7. Wyld Gummies

It’s not always easy to unwind after days of cooking, cleaning, laundry, pick-ups and drop-offs, homework help, and, shall we go on? Help your favorite hard-working mama chillax this Mother’s Day with some Wyld Marionbarry indica gummies. After one of these THC edibles, even the juiciest murder mystery chapter or most dramatic episode of Bridgerton won’t keep her from catching some much-needed ZZZ’s.

 Make sure mom knows her dose before gifting these gummies. The 10-pack provides a 10mg dosage, which is typically enough for those new to edibles. Have her start with one and if she’s not feeling relaxed within an hour, try one more. Soon, she’ll have her ideal dosage down pat!

levo infuser

8. Moon Made Farms Flower

Some stoner moms just want to go back to the basics: some nice, quality flower in a simple J. Whether she’s hiding from littles in the garage or hot-boxing a kid-free house, mama deserves the best this Mother’s Day. She’s got to try Gelonade from Moon Made Farms.

Lemon Tree and Gelato #41 combine to make this tingly and uplifting hybrid strain. The mom in your life willlove the sweet lemon and vanilla flavors as they bloom like a social butterfly. She’ll be able to leave pain and anxiety behind with the delicious Gelonade.

4 people laughing and enjoying Cann Social Tonics

9. Cann Beverage

Stoner moms might get that FOMO feeling whenever some buds roll up with wine coolers and fruity seltzers. Everyone’s elevating their drink game this Mother’s Day, regardless of their mommy medicine of choice. Bring a cooler of grapefruit rosemary Canns to the next family barbeque.

 This THC and CBD cocktail is the perfect refresher for social sipping. It contains just a few milligrams of each to boost mom’s mood while keeping her in control. If grapefruit and rosemary aren’t your idea of a perfect pair, try out Cann’s collection of other flavors like cranberry sage, blood orange, and lemon lavender.

Now that you’ve got a ton of canna mom gift ideas, we guarantee you’re earning the title of best child, friend, partner, or treat ‘yo self-er this Mother’s Day. Whether you’re headed to family brunch or a solo smoke sesh, we hope mamas feel all the love this year! Before you go, don’t forget to browse Embarc’s collection of weed goodies for more ideas.