Anxiety impacts the lives of more than 40 million adults in the United States. Cannabis consumption is growing in popularity as a treatment for anxiety and panic attacks. Using a marijuana tincture for anxiety is a great way to dose accurately and get the best possible effect to help with your anxiety. 

Here are six reasons why we recommend cannabis tinctures for anxiety. 

1. Large Variety of CBD Products 

Many people often wonder whether to use Sativa or Indica for anxiety”? What they often don’t realize, however, is that CBD products are usually the best option to treat and manage anxiety. Many studies, including one performed in 2015 show that CBD oil can help with issues such as post-traumatic stress, generalized anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Many past tests and studies were performed on animals but more recent surveys show that CBD has a positive impact on both anxiety and stress in humans. 

The good thing about tinctures is that many of them come with CBD-infused cannabis because it’s a favored dosing method for people who aren’t looking to experience the psychoactive effects of THC. Many of the tinctures purchased contain high concentrations of CBD which is the best method for treating anxiety. 

2. Accurate Dosing

One of the biggest reasons people turn to tinctures over other methods of consumption is due to the accuracy of dosing. Next to pills or capsules, tinctures are some of the most accurate dosing methods because you can precisely measure the milligrams that you want to take to ensure you’re only taking a specific amount. 

In certain situations, overconsumption of cannabis can actually raise your anxiety, and smoking and vaping make it difficult to track “how much” you’ve consumed. This can lead people away from cannabis. Dosing with a tincture dropper is a great option if this is your concern. 

3. Dose Throughout the Day

In addition to getting an accurate dose, a tincture is a great way to dose casually throughout the day. There’s no smoke, no vapor, no smell, and no residue. This means that you can consume the oil when you’re at work (as long as your job allows you to do so) or on the go. 

When starting out with marijuana for anxiety relief, a tincture is a great way to get a grasp on your tolerance. You can start out small with a very low dosage, see how you feel, and increase by taking a little more if you desire. If you find that you’ve consumed too much; take a little less next time. 

4. Eat Better

Many people suffer from frequent nausea or a lack of appetite. CBD tinctures are a great way to help maintain a healthy diet and consume enough calories throughout the day. Eating right is important because diet can have an impact on anxiety as well. 

If you don’t consume enough healthy calories during the day, energy levels can suffer. If you have low energy and are lethargic, it’s easy to forget things and underperform. When underperforming you may end up having more anxiety and things can quickly spiral out of control leading to a panic attack. 

Regular dosing of CBD in the form of a tincture can help build up your appetite and get on a regular schedule of eating three meals a day. 

5. Quick But Long-Lasting Relief 

One big difference between consuming cannabis sublingually versus combustion is the fact that it takes a bit longer to kick in. When you smoke or vape marijuana, you will feel the effects almost instantly but they will begin to taper off quickly. 

In the case of edibles, it may take one to two hours for the effects to kick in but they’ll last longer throughout the day. This might not be the best situation for an active panic attack. You need relief right away, which you won’t get with an edible. 

When you consume cannabis sublingually, you’ll start to feel the effects within 10-15 minutes and they’ll last for a couple of hours. This is the best option for anxiety if you’re looking for fast relief that will stick around for a while. 

6. Discreet Consumption

Whether you want to dose at work, the park, or at home, you may not always want to make your consumption or usage obvious. While there’s nothing wrong with cannabis usage, the feeling that someone may know may trigger anxiety as well. 

  • Tinctures don’t require a bowl or a bong
  • They don’t cause any smoke or smell 
  • They don’t leave behind any residue

The fact that you can consume legal cannabis whenever without having to put a target on your back can be helpful for anxiety symptoms. 

Final Thoughts 

Consuming a marijuana tincture for anxiety is one of the best options for treating and maintaining a life free of anxiety and panic attacks. If you’re looking to give this method a try, check out our cannabis daily deals!