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Easing Weed Paranoia With CBD

Whether you’re new to marijuana or you’ve been consuming it for years, there inevitably comes a time when the paranoia of weed catches up with you. Sometimes it can manifest itself in suspicious thoughts or other nagging issues, but, while most times weed paranoia is relatively benign, it can start to consume your thoughts in a negative way, especially if you may have consumed too much marijuana. Taken to the extreme, it may make you feel uneasy or unwell, and that’s not a great way to spend your time being high.

The good news is that CBD can help with that paranoia, and in that sense it’s kind of like an antidote to feeling paranoid while high. In the cannabis plant itself, CBD helps counteract and mitigate the psychoactive effects of THC, and many of these are known as low paranoia strains, referring to how they can reduce paranoia and other negative effects. On the flip side, high paranoia strains likely have no CBD at all, as well as significantly higher THC content. If you’re looking for a weed paranoia cure, it often starts with looking at the CBD content in your favorite marijuana product.

What Is Weed Paranoia?

Some people call it weed anxiety, but weed paranoia is not quite like anxiety. While you may feel unwell, weed paranoia has more to do with suspicions about others and feelings that others may be following or observing your actions, as well as thoughts that they may be trying to harm you. CBD can help reduce this paranoia by mitigating the negative effects of weed, and it’s because of how the body’s endocannabinoid system works. 

Consuming cannabis and the cannabinoids within such as THC and CBD brings these compounds into the brain once they’ve been absorbed into the bloodstream. Once in the brain, they enter the amygdala, which is responsible for complex emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety and — you guessed it — paranoia. If you’re consuming weed that’s rich in THC, the excess can end up overstimulating the amygdala, leading to an increase in paranoia.

How To Manage Weed Paranoia

While weed paranoia can be a scary thing, CBD is your best bet if you want to minimize the paranoia and get back to feeling better. You won’t be able to reduce the THC that you’ve already consumed, but consuming CBD can help reduce the paranoia you feel while helping you better manage the stressors that are triggering you.

It can also help to use so-called low paranoia strains that have either low THC content, equal THC and CBD content or high CBD content. That means not having to carry a separate CBD product, though that can be beneficial even in instances when you’re not high or if a low paranoia strain has triggered you anyway. 

More generally, you can also try engaging in an activity that soothes you, such as taking a warm bath, reading or putting on some soothing music. Exercise can also be a great way to blow off steam and rid your mind of those negative and paranoid thoughts, and deep breathing is yet another way to help you organize and deal with your thoughts. 

Avoiding Weed Paranoia

Since CBD is so great at fighting paranoia, even if you’re not high, it can be useful to have it around at all times. CBD comes in tinctures, vapes and even foods and drinks, so there are many ways to get CBD discreetly if you’re feeling overwhelmed and paranoid. 

Obviously, the best way to avoid weed paranoia is to avoid THC altogether. However, that also means losing out on the other beneficial aspects of weed, and that may be a quite drastic solution. That said, if you get excessively paranoid every time you smoke, you may want to take a look at the strain or product you’re using, opting for something with a higher CBD content or lower THC content. 

Using less is also a good way to lessen your weed paranoia. By consuming less, you’ll be subjecting your brain to fewer psychoactive chemicals, and that may be just the ticket to reduce the paranoia altogether, or at least minimize it to a manageable level. If you’re unsure how much to consume, try starting with half of your normal dose and waiting 15 minutes to determine if you need more. If you’re consuming edibles, you’ll have to increase the time frame to a few hours since the onset takes much longer when the THC goes through the digestive system first.

Aside from that, one of the best ways to reduce your weed paranoia is to get low paranoia strains with equal or higher CBD content. These 1:1 products will have as much CBD as THC, helping to reduce the negative effects, and some high-CBD strains may even have a ratio of 10:1 or 20:1 or more of CBD to THC. 

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your weed paranoia with CBD, check out the low paranoia strains that we carry. Discover California’s best cannabis today!